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Welcome to Just Dial. The home of making cheap or even free calls abroad from your home landline or your mobile. With Just Dial you can make cheap international calls using any one of our cheap caller services. You can use MegaCalls Just Dial to make calls overseas instantly by dialing a UK access number - there are no accounts to open or any new bills to pay. Or, if you are making international calls from your mobile, you could try the Just Dial SMS Card, buy a calling card by text message.

New! Use your mobile to text PHONE INDIA DELHI to 60300 for the MegaCalls Just-Dial access telephone number and price per minute for the country you are calling. UK only. FREE service!

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Phone India Delhi at great prices from the UK using our breakthrough Just Dial services:

  1. Use MegaCalls Just-Dial to call India Delhi by simply dialing a UK number. No credit or phone card required. No hidden charges. Instant connection. Instant saving! Find the access number now.

  2. Or, for an instant phone card, use the new Just-Dial SMS Card. Buy a 5 calling card by sending a text message. It's so simple! No need to go to the shops. Just text JUST DIAL to 80550, receive a pin and use immediately.

"It's fantastic. I can make instant savings on all my calls. Just-Dial takes care of all my international calling needs! And the connections are so clear. I've saved a fortune!"

J.K. Birmingham

It's easy to start saving now on calls to India Delhi using the breakthrough MEGACALLS Just-Dial service. No credit cards. No phone cards. No connection fees. It's as easy as A-B-C:
  1. Simply choose the country you are calling from the list below and dial the relevant access telephone number
  2. When prompted, dial the overseas number in full (e.g. a call to Jamaica , 001 876 111 2222)
  3. That's it, you are connected! at low UK to UK rates, typically a few pence per minute!
Select your country from the drop down list below to find the access telephone number and the call rate per minute to the country (at standard BT landline rates). Enter your email address to receive a copy in your email box automatically:
Your email:

Buy a £3 or £5 calling card by text message and use it instantly. No need to go to the shops. Talk for LONGER with calls from only 1.5p/min.
  1. It's easy!
  2. To buy a £3 card, simply use your mobile to text
    JUST DIAL to 80041
  3. To buy a £5 calling card, simply text
    JUST DIAL to 80550

  4. You'll receive a text message reply with the calling card pin number
  5. That's it!, start saving today.
Select the country you are calling from the list below to find the UK rate per minute using the Just-Dial SMS Card.
For how to use, click here.
The text message costs £3 or £5 (charged to you by your mobile provider). For this, we will send a calling card directly to your mobile phone. Rates apply for 0207 access you can use it from your mobile!
Ultra low connection fees equal to the first minute rate to the country you are calling e.g. connection charge to China just 1.5p. No hidden daily or weekly charges! Card never expires. Freephone access via 0800 594 6666 is just 2p/min extra.
Click here for phone cards that you can buy online.
Great value phone cards you can buy online from Just Dial
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